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Edited at 21.05.2021 – Examples of a narrative essay

Examples of a narrative essay

As has been previously mentioned, you will come to understand that your story’s structure is significantly determined by the kind of narrative that you are choosing. Consequently, it is vital to know the type of format that your school will recommend. However, much like any other regular essay, it is equally essential to remember that your teachers will always give a clear instructions on how they want their lessons to be presented.

Typically, most stories will take an easy – and straightforward format. This means that a narrative essay will typically have the following sections.


For starters, the introduction is generally one paragraph. Once again, the accompanying sentence should be tied in the exact same way as the previous section. Nevertheless, each of the three paragraphs must have its own central theme. Hence, it is advisable to write down the introductory bit so that whatever comes in after that is not a repetition of https://www.alinnova.eu/community/profile/mark-2/ the central idea in the preceding part.

To put it in other words, the thesis statement of the narrative essay is the main subject of the paper. As far as such an explanation is concerned, it is a narrow line that essentially announces the topic. A wide range of thoughts are possible. Furthermore, a conventional narrative essay will contain only one or two sentences.


Generally, the body of the paper will comprise of the entire story. In which case, the narrative essay will then be split into different portions. Each portion will, hence, have its own primary objective. To put it in other terms, a quote could be said to constitute the whole story. It follows then that a Brief Introduction is the last bit of the prologue.

Like any other form of writing, a lengthy narrator’s conclusion is meant to serve the purpose of providing the reader with the sense of closure. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the closing scene is maximum impactful. Ideally, it should leave the reader with a high degree of confidence in the text.

The Fitting Conclusion

Once you have provided the above synopsis and outline, it is worth considering that a final sentence, usually designated the conclusion, is key to creating a breathtaking impression. More often than not, a concise and compelling conclusion is the best presentation of the tale.

The teacher will also ensure that the intended message is conveyed comprehensively. Therefore, it is crucial to Not just tell it from the beginning but consistently guide the reader on the relevant information to convey in the narrative essay.